Chocolate Toast

I received some great news yesterday.  Like so much of my job, confidentiality obligations prevent me from disclosing the details.  But, trust me when I tell you: It was greatness.  The best news I had heard all week.

Most people celebrate great news with a toast involving champagne or some other grand cocktail.  My ‘libation’ of choice: chocolate.

I recently became completely smitten with the adorable, talented, foodie brainchild behind the smitten kitchen.  My crush began with a recipe for Chocolate Souffle Cupcakes with White Chocolate Mint Cream.

What’s NOT to love about this? Chocolate? Souffles? Cupcakes? White chocolate? And, mint? Oh my!

For some reason, I’ve been waiting for the ‘perfect’ moment to make these beauties.  At the end of several very trying days, I seriously contemplated breaking out some chocolate therapy, but I was already whipped so no more whippin’ was going to happen in our house!  But, with this great news, I knew I’d found my moment.

To my delight, these cupcakes did not disappoint.  In fact, they taste even better than they sound… if that’s possible.

I also discovered that baking is best done with love.  Sure, I could have tried to bake my way out of a bad day, but the whole process was more fun and more rewarding when it felt like a celebration.  Brad got home right about the time that the aroma of warm, gooey chocolate began to fill the house, so I like to think it added a little celebration to his day, too. 🙂

The next time you have cause to celebrate, I highly recommend a chocolate toast.  Even if you (think you) don’t like chocolate, you must try the mint cream.  I’ll confess: I intentionally doubled the cream recipe to have some leftover — a generous dollop is the perfect finish to a cup of coffee, a bowl of ice cream, or (if you’re like me) eating straight out of the bowl!

You can find the recipe here, and, as promised, I even included the nutritional information.  If you’d rather not know, or want more fabulous recipe inspiration, check out smitten kitchen.  🙂


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