Anniversary in Albuquerque

I disappeared again, I know.  But, I am fully prepared to make up for my absence with stories from another great weekend getaway!!

It probably seems like we do this often, but it’s really just lucky timing.  It seemed wrong not to take a quick break last month before I started my new job, so off to the Ozarks we went.  I can’t help the fact that our anniversary happened to be one month later.  Does that mean we weren’t supposed to celebrate with a quick vacation?  I think not.

Somehow, though, the weekend snuck up on us . . . On Sunday, we realized that we still had no idea where to go.  On Tuesday, we picked Albuquerque, New Mexico.  On Thursday, we hit the road.  Why ABQ?  It seemed like the perfect combination of enough things to do that we could have a good time, but not so much that we would feel guilty sleeping in.  And, we were so right!

Other than catching up with some friends on Friday, we literally had NO plans.  But, we made do, and I even learned a few valuable lessons along the way.

After an enormous breakfast on Saturday morning, we were ready for some outdoor time where we could become one with our cameras. 

What started out as a hiking trip around Sandia Peak turned into an ill-equipped, but super-fun, climbing adventure about halfway up Sandia Peak.

I think I actually surprised Brad with my willingness to venture well past the trail and follow him up the rocks and around the cactus.   

But, the views were totally worth it!

When we woke up the next morning, I was sore in places I didn’t even know existed!  So, we took it easy on Sunday with a little shopping followed by a trip to the Bio Park where we wandered through the aquarium and gardens. 

It made for a very relaxing afternoon.  So relaxing that we skipped a walk through Old Town in favor of nap time.  

This week’s “Sunday Supper” was dinner at Antiquity, touted as Albuquerque’s most romantic restaurant.  The meal was fantastic; the service was flawless; and the company was even better.  I love that after all these years, we still outlasted every other couple in the restaurant, many of whom arrived after we did.  I had no idea we’d been there for two hours until we realized that they were closing.  (Photo courtesy of Antiquity.)

On the road trip back, we stopped by Cadillac Ranch.  Yes, those are Cadillacs stuck nose down in the sand.  An interesting place, indeed.  I felt so left out without a can of spray paint!

The fun didn’t stop once we got home late Monday night.  Brad surprised me with an All-Clad Cooper-Core saucepan.  (Bonus points for incorporating copper, which is the traditional gift for a seventh anniversary.  I am one lucky girl!)

I must have lit up like a light bulb when I opened the box.  Words cannot describe how great this pan feels in my hand.  I can’t stop thinking about all the fabulous ways I can put it to good use … someday … when I have time to cook … maybe this weekend.  🙂

In the end, I’d say the extra-long weekend was a smashing success. 

Lessons Learned:

1.  Proper prior planning is not always necessary to prevent piss poor performance.

2.  Doing new things with your spouse is one of the best and most fun ways to maintain the spark in your marriage.  (Establishing good habits of making time for each other, especially on special occasions, helps, too.)

3.  When you embark on an unplanned and unmapped hike, it’s best to have water, long pants, a real backpack and some rope – just in case.

4.  Never put a “Do Not ________” sign in front of me or Brad – unless you actually want one of us to do ____________.

5.  Not unpacking isn’t so bad after all.  Last month, Brad challenged me to do this on our next trip.  Unfortunately, I now have to publicly admit he was right.  Leaving things mostly packed meant that our vacation started right away, and I spent much less time getting ready to leave. 

Now, it’s back to reality . . . Work is picking up.  Marathon training starts next week.  And, I can hear my bike and the tandem calling my name.


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Wife, daughter, big sis, aunt, friend, attorney, runner, cyclist, amateur chef & aspiring photographer. Thanks for keeping up with my life on the run!
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