Sunday Supper :: Stuffed Peppers

Finally, an update on this week’s (almost) Sunday Supper!  I say almost because, truth be told, we went to the movies on Sunday night.

I am sad to report that those perfect Spring days that I love so much are already thing of the past.  By the time we finished a very easy-paced recovery bike ride on Sunday afternoon, all I wanted to do was – literally – chill out in a movie theater.  Plus, it was all-you-can-eat pizza night at Studio Movie Grill.  And, the new Shrek movie was playing.  < It’s surprisingly good. I highly recommend it. >  As a result, this week’s Sunday Supper actually happened on Monday.

My inspiration was a fabulous dinner we enjoyed with friends on Saturday night.  Not only was the food fantastic, but the conversation was, too.  So much so that we lingered long after our plates were cleared and the checks paid.  Four hours, to be exact.  This worked out perfectly because it meant that we could check out the new frozen yogurt shop next door.  Why, oh why, did I wait so long to indulge in this trend?  Cake batter frozen yogurt + Chai Latte frozen yogurt + toffee.  Seriously good.  But, I digress… back to dinner…

I ordered a roasted bell pepper stuffed with ground beef, eggplant, olives, currants, and croutons.  It was delish.  But, for my palate, it was a little too tangy and lacked spice.  So, I set out to replicate, but improve on, the dish.

As a starting point, I turned to the Cooks Illustrated recipe bank where I found a basic recipe for peppers stuffed with chicken and mozzarella.  This answered my questions about technique and cooking time.  By par-boiling the bell peppers, they are easier to work with and stay moist while baking.  Genius!

Still, the ingredients needed modification.  I substituted hot italian chicken sausage for ground chicken, added crushed red pepper flakes and fennel, swapped the long grain rice with quinoa, and – voila! – a totally delicious stuffing with a kick.

You can check out the final recipe here.  You definitely should try this one — if for no other reason than it will make your kitchen smell amazing!!

With my spunky sous chef at my side chopping and distracting the kids (a.k.a. cats), the entire process, including washing the new pans before we started and cleaning up the kitchen, was done in about an hour.  < The new pans, by the way, heat faster and cook more evenly than any I’ve ever used.  Be still my heart! >

Not too shabby for Monday night. 🙂


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Wife, daughter, big sis, aunt, friend, attorney, runner, cyclist, amateur chef & aspiring photographer. Thanks for keeping up with my life on the run!
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