Cooking with Cat Cora

Today’s lesson learned: Make time for your passions.

Lately, my to-do list has been longer than there are hours in the day.  At work, I am drowning in projects that never seem to end.  At home, I have a tower of post-it flagged running, training and cooking magazines to read.  And, my computer has 6 Firefox windows with 10+ tabs open at any given time.  This is seriously too much multi-tasking — even for me.  (I really am trying to slow down.  It’s just going, well, slowly.)

Despite this craziness, when I was asked to assist with Cat Cora’s cooking class and book signing at the Central Market Cooking School, I quickly said “Yes!”

About five minutes later, I began to wonder what I was thinking.  The class was right smack in the middle of a Wednesday, and I do have a day job, after all.  I came up with a million reasons why I should call back and tell them I wasn’t available.  But, fortunately, I snapped out of it.  A little voice inside my head (and a big one outside my head, thanks Brad) reminded me that if I don’t make time for the time things I enjoy, they will never happen.

So, I vowed to make it work.  I mean, really, when would I have another chance to cook, chat, and snap a few photos with an Iron Chef?!?

I walked away from the experience completely blown away and rejuvenated.

I made a few new friends, caught up with some old ones, played with the camera, ate some great Tex-Mex inspired food, and went grocery shopping so that I could (finally) cook dinner.

Oh yeah, and, I met Cat Cora!  🙂

I’ve seen Cat on the Food Network and always was impressed with her tenacity in the kitchen, but I had no idea what a phenomenal woman she is.  She is an Iron Chef (the first and only female), Executive Chef of Bon Appetit magazine, owner of two restaurants, President and Founder of Chefs for Humanity (think Doctors Without Borders for hunger-related causes), and mother of four boys — for whom she cooks dinner almost every night.

I feel like I just spent two hours with Superwoman!

Thanks to this fantastic experience and another piece of exciting news I received during lunch (which, unfortunately, I have to keep under wraps for a while), I returned to “normal life” a changed woman. New outlook, new attitude.

I think I got more done in the next 4 hours than I had in the last 4 days.

Making time to do the things you love makes everything else in life better.  It’s that simple.


About Beth

Wife, daughter, big sis, aunt, friend, attorney, runner, cyclist, amateur chef & aspiring photographer. Thanks for keeping up with my life on the run!
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