Birthday Bliss

I missed Friday Photo this week, but it was for a very good cause — there was birthday party-planning and sangria-making to be done!  I’d say it was all for the best because, now, I can show you these photos that reflect some of the memories I will cherish from my 31st birthday.

You know you had a great dinner when…

10 people leave a once-full jug of sangria looking like this…

and a cake that was supposed to feed 30-40 people ends up looking like this…

Other bits of bliss that made this the best birthday week in recent memory…

  • Monday:  Brad surprised me with a carrot cake cupcake.  I savored every bite while finally watching the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy.  (Yes, that’s how rarely I watch TV.  Don’t judge.)
  • Tuesday: Even though my bday wasn’t until Saturday, Brad sent me flowers so that I could enjoy them all week.  They were a beautifully delicate shade of ivory/pink, almost antique-looking, which is right up my alley.  Nice work!
  • Wednesday:  Oh, where to begin with Wednesday.  First, I met up with some running buddies (whom we lovingly refer to as the Sole Sisters) to celebrate a “sister’s” birthday.  These ladies are the most kind, generous, strong, caring, loyal, stunning women I know.  I am a better person to have them in my life.  And, their husbands aren’t bad either. 😉   As if this wasn’t enough, my best friend from law school was in town visiting from Hong Kong.  Even though I’ve seen her only once a year for the last three years, we never miss a beat.  I am so proud of her independence and success, but I miss her dearly.
  • Thursday:  Brad surprised me — again — by ordering a cake for my birthday.  1/2 italian cream cake + 1/2 dark chocolate.  Even the bakers were drooling when we picked it up.
  • Friday:  I had an impromptu early birthday lunch with my co-workers; great dinner at a new (to us) Mediterranean restaurant; and a very successful sangria-making session.
  • Saturday:  I had a great birthday bike ride, followed by burgers, followed by a 2-hour mani/pedi that involved sea salt and hot rocks, followed by a fabulous pizza dinner with friends (see above).  I took a risk inviting people from all aspects of my life — lawyers, runners, and cyclists — not knowing how they would ‘mesh’.  But, it was fun for everyone to meet each other, and we had a really great time!!!
  • Sunday:  About 1.5 miles into my long run, I was greeted by signs reading “Happy Birthday Beth!” and “No Pain No Cake”.  Considering how badly I wanted not to run this morning (due in large part to the sangria), this was the best pick-me-up.  EVER.  Without hesitation, I knew that Hillary was responsible for this greatness, as if she hadn’t done enough already!  (Did I mention that the Sole Sisters are amazing?)

Here’s the thing:  My 30th birthday was terrible.  I was in a bad place in life, which had permeated my marriage, my friendships, my career, you name it.

All I really wanted for my birthday this year was for it to be better than last year.

As I got ready for dinner on Saturday, I realized that it already was.  Sure, I’ve done some pretty cool stuff in the last year — I ran a marathon, I became a certified coach, I got a new job.  But, more importantly, I developed more meaningful relationships with everyone in my life.  I somehow became completely content just being me and, like magic, things started to click.

This year wasn’t just better; it so far exceeded my expectations that I can’t imagine how we’ll ever top it!   But, I look forward to trying for many years to come.

A million thanks to all my loved ones and friends who made this year so special!!!   xoxo ~beth


About Beth

Wife, daughter, big sis, aunt, friend, attorney, runner, cyclist, amateur chef & aspiring photographer. Thanks for keeping up with my life on the run!
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5 Responses to Birthday Bliss

  1. Jo says:

    Glad you had an awesome birthday week! Thanks so much for the invite, Steen and I enjoyed seeing you. Being in your 30’s is awesome, and yes, I have enough experience to say that. 😉

    Oh, and now that you know I’m stalking you (aka following your blog), be careful what you say!!! When are we going to get together to cook, eat awesome cheese and drink fabulous wine???

    • Beth says:

      Hey, thanks! I’m so glad you two made it – we needed all the help we could get with that cake, and Steen certainly did his part! 😉

      Being ‘careful’ with what I say isn’t exactly my strong suit, but I like to think that candidness is one of my better features. And, yes, we must get together for dinner soon… very soon! Let me know if y’all are in town for the 4th.

  2. Jo says:

    I will be here July 4, but Steen is considering racing out of town. Not sure when he’ll decide, but will keep you posted.

    When are your runs? Not that I want to “crash” one of your coached runs, thinking we could do something in addition to that (potentially).

  3. Hillary says:

    Wow I feel special that I made your blog! I’m happy to have shared in your birthday cake carb loading before our long run. Too bad there wasn’t any Sangria left to go along with breakfast. =)

    • Beth says:

      I usually avoid names to protect the not-so-innocent (except for Brad, of course) and those who specifically said that they better never see their names/stories here (party poopers!). You are neither, and what you did was too kind for words! 🙂

      We’ll have to whip up more Sangria… but maybe after our marathons.

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