Summer’s Silver Linings

Confession :: Summer is NOT one of my favorite things.**

Maybe I will feel differently someday when we have kids and summer means less homework and more play.  (And, I stress the words “maybe” and “someday.”  I repeat, “someday.”)  For now, I’m tired of being hot 24/7.  I’m tired of breaking a sweat just walking 3 blocks for lunch.  I’m tired of looking like I just got out of a pool at the end of every run.  I’m tired of killing myself to meet fake deadlines that are convenient to everyone else’s family vacations.  And, I’m tired of not wanting to cook because it adds heat to the already uncomfortably warm house.

I’m much more a Spring & Fall girl — oh, how I can’t wait for Fall.  I love the foliage and the food.  I love the colors and the clothes.  I love opening the windows to a cool breeze.  I love the smell of school supplies, like a freshly-sharpened pencil or the spine of a new book.  And, I love the extra family time that comes with all the great Fall holidays.

In fact, I so long for Fall that this was my dinner on Saturday night:

Yep, that’s right.  On a hot, humid July night, I devoured a bowl of risotto with roasted butternut squash, chicken rollatine, and balsamic glaze.  I couldn’t have cared less that this dish epitomizes all things Fall and it was still a sweltering 98 degrees outside.  It sounded divine and did not disappoint.  (As long as this is on the menu, I will remain a loyal patron of Penne Pomodoro.)

Alas, the relentless Texas Summer continues.

Rather than wallowing in a puddle of my own sweat, I decided to create a list of things that I actually like about Summer.  Given how easy it was for me to come up with things I’m looking forward to about Fall, I figured this was the perfect way to focus on the good stuff.  So, here it goes . . .

  • Long, sunny days
  • Fresh tomatoes + basil
  • Lemonade stands
  • Sundresses
  • Coconut oil
  • Sand between my toes
  • Brightly colored nail polish
  • Thunderstorms
  • Shakespeare in the Park  (preferably, not combined with thunderstorms)
  • Early marathon training
  • Long bike rides
  • My birthday
  • Fireworks
  • How much the heat makes me appreciate Fall  (Is this one cheating? Nah, I don’t think so.)

Okay, I came up with more than I thought.  Still, this is admittedly pathetic.  I’m convinced there must be plenty of summer-lovers out there.

Help a girl out!  What do you love about summer?

**P.S. Have you ever felt like you were being followed by a song?  I honestly think that every retail store and elevator that I’ve gone in for the past five days has been playing “My Favorite Things” from the Sound of Music.  Maybe it’s my music and theater background, but every time I hear this song, it sticks with me… for days.  I credit this phenomenon as the inspiration for today’s rant.  🙂


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