Savor Every Second

Now, things get fun. . .

I’ve run my last training run.

I’ve had my last pre-race celebration with my training-mates and my biggest fan — over free pumpkin pancakes, no less!

My race-day bag is packed.  (I always carry it on just in case things get lost! And, I am racing in the exact same thing I wore in Chicago last year. Superstitious much?)

I’ve got my race paint on.  (essie’s Rock Star Skinny. Again, I always wear it for a race, and only a race. I like to think of it as my secret weapon.)

And, I am out-of-control crazy excited!!!

I’m excited to see all my hard work pay off.  I’m anxious to find out how my body feels on race day.  I can’t wait to experience the beauty of St. George that I’ve been hearing about since I first entered the lottery in April.  I can’t wait to see my husband on course smiling and yelling at me to keep it up — and to see his relieved face when I cross the finish line and have the race behind me… I know I’ve been terror to live with the past few weeks.  🙂

These are the moments you train for :: The anticipation and excitement of the race. The camaraderie on course. The crowd support. The fascinating thoughts that go through your mind during the race. And, the sense of accomplishment at the finish. So much so that I still remember how I felt at the end of the Chicago marathon.

Last year, I had no idea what to expect, and these moments flew by.

This year, I vow savor every second. From the moment I get on the plane bright and early tomorrow morning until long after I cross the finish line. If I could bottle up that feeling at the finish, I would be a freakin’ billionaire! And, I will ride the high as far as it takes me!

If I accomplish this and finish the race with a smile on a face, I will have succeeded — regardless of my time. (At least that’s what I’ll keep telling myself, but we all know that I have pretty serious goal in mind.)

Words cannot express my appreciation for the support and best wishes that have been pouring in from my husband, friends, family, and training-mates (both current and former) this week. Your thoughtfulness, confidence, and genuine care means the world to me. You guys are the best!

Until next time . . . from St. George, Utah . . .

xoxo ~beth


About Beth

Wife, daughter, big sis, aunt, friend, attorney, runner, cyclist, amateur chef & aspiring photographer. Thanks for keeping up with my life on the run!
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2 Responses to Savor Every Second

  1. AMVW says:

    Good luck, Beth! Have a wonderful and well deserved run AND vacation. I can’t wait to read about your St. George experience.

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