Things Done

I usually begin each new week by creating my list of “Things To Do” this week.  Some are aspirational, some are highly necessary, and many are carry-overs from the week before, which is terribly depressing.  This sinking feeling of having far too many “to dos” than there are hours in the day only seems to get worse as the holidays approach.

So, today, because I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by my list, because I am determined to truly enjoy the holidays this year rather than feeling swallowed up them, and because I missed my Bits of Bliss last Friday, I decided to something different.  Instead of focusing only on what still needs to be done this, I dedicated a little time to being grateful for all the things I’ve already accomplished.  I’m calling it my “Things Done” last week.

Try it.  It helps.  I promise.

1.  I completed 4 projects at work that had been lingering on my list for over a month.

2.  I had dinner with my running friends to celebrate our successful completion of early fall marathon training.

3.  I bought birthday cards for all my friends and family with November birthdays.  (I’ve always found it fascinating that this list is so long.  It must have something to do with Valentine’s Day.)

4.  I got my Confirmation of Acceptance card for the 2011 Boston Marathon.

5.  I was so excited about the above-mentioned card that I ripped it while opening the envelope.

6.  I signed up for the Runners World Challenge and Boston 2 Big Sur Challenge.

7.  I helped Brad secure a bib for the 2011 Boston Marathon as a member of the charity Team Brigham.

8.  I freaked out immediately upon receipt of the emails confirming what I did in #6.

9.  I ran up and down the hall giddy as a school-girl upon receipt of the email confirming #7.  This is, quite possibly, going to be the coolest experience of our married life.  (So far, at least.)

10.  Brad and I didn’t kill each other getting ready for our whirlwind weekend trip to San Antonio.  It was touch and go for a bit.

11.  I ran another half marathon.

12.  I crossed the half-marathon finish line hand-in-hand with my hubby.  We hadn’t done this since April 2009.  I’d forgotten how much fun it was.  We might even have some cute photos as proof.

13.  I met Meb Keflezighi, winner of the 2009 NY Marathon.  I was a total groupie about it.  See.  Aren’t we cute?  He signed my race bib for the half marathon: “Run to win.”  I may not have run it to win it, but I ran with heart and lots of smiles, thanking everyone along the way.  I think he would have been proud.

14.  I finally got to see my sister’s home.

15.  I played with my niece.

16.  Traveling not once, but twice, this week made me appreciate getting to sleep in my own bed, with my own kitties, and my own heating blanket.

The End.


About Beth

Wife, daughter, big sis, aunt, friend, attorney, runner, cyclist, amateur chef & aspiring photographer. Thanks for keeping up with my life on the run!
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2 Responses to Things Done

  1. AMVW says:

    I like that only 1 of your 16 “Things Done” involves work. Way to go on achieving work life balance. We need to get going on a list of fantastic restaurants to visit in NOLA. I have some ideas:)

    • Beth says:

      Very funny! One could argue that I still haven’t exactly found a “balance,” but let’s not and say we did. Besides, stories of me objecting to discovery requests, drafting a new lawsuit, researching the EEOC’s authority under the ADEA, arguing about indemnification rights, and finding new ways to tell partners that I haven’t finished all their projects because they’ve assigned me more work than can possibly be done on my “reduced hour” schedule wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining or uplifting. 😉 Glad you have a head-start on the NOLA restaurant search; I can’t wait!!

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