Happy Birthday, Brad.

Today, we take a break from talk of training, food, and life lists to honor the man behind the scenes.  The man without whom my life simply would not be complete.

Because I don’t think it can be said enough, because sometimes I think you still don’t realize how special you are, and because I won’t get to publicly toast you tonight as planned, let me just say ::

You are the best husband a girl could ask for.  For better or for worse, your dedication to our vows is steadfast.  You are unyielding in your support of my personal goals and growth.  You are embarrassingly boastful of my accomplishments.  You are stubborn at (almost) all the right times.  You give me space even when I don’t know I need it.

You are the best friend anyone could ask for.  You always tell it like it is.  You know exactly how to make people smile when they’re taking things too seriously.  You really connect with people and make them feel special.  You don’t just hear people; you listen.  (Even if your memory is selectively recalled. 😉 )  You go out of your way to help people whenever you can and without asking why.

They say that behind every successful man, is a great woman.  (And some go further to say “and behind her stands his wife.” This is terribly sad and so un-funny, but I refuse to digress today.)  The point is that too often, we somehow forget — or, worse, are too proud to admit — that behind every successful woman, is a great man.

I couldn’t be luckier, prouder, or more content having you as my partner in life. You stand neither behind me nor in front me.  We stand side-by-side ready to cross the finish line of whatever challenge life throws at us next.  And, with you on the team, I have no doubt that it’s destined for greatness.

much love,  ~ your busy beth b


About Beth

Wife, daughter, big sis, aunt, friend, attorney, runner, cyclist, amateur chef & aspiring photographer. Thanks for keeping up with my life on the run!
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3 Responses to Happy Birthday, Brad.

  1. Meagan says:

    Happy Birthday Brad! Thank you for being such a wonderful husband to my friend! Beth you chose well 🙂

  2. Brad says:

    It’s not cool to make a grown man tear up! Thanks for such a wonderful day!

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