Ooey Gooey Meltdown

Well, it finally happened.  I set a very lofty goal of staying optimistic this Christmas and not letting all the hype make me batty.  And, I almost made it.  Almost.

Tonight, I tore apart the house, my car, all four handbags I’ve used in the last week (don’t ask), our recycle bins, and the trash can looking for a gift card I purchased yesterday.  I even went back to the store, praying that if I had dropped it in the parking lot, a kind soul would have returned it to the customer service desk.  We left empty-handed, and returned home for more unraveling.

I’m pretty sure they didn’t move Christmas.  It’s the same day it’s always been.  Yet, I am the complete opposite of ready.  I still don’t have all the necessary gifts.  (I’ve had them picked out for weeks, but need to actually go get them.)  I haven’t baked all the cookies on my wish list.  (This is both a blessing and a bummer.)  I haven’t watched any of my favorite Christmas movies.  (I’ve lost my copy of Christmas Vacation yet again, and I refuse to buy a new one for a third year in a row!)  I haven’t listened to enough Christmas music to be tired of it.  (Every time I remember that I need to upload my Christmas playlist, I can’t find my iPod.)

Ready or not, in five days it will be here and then — poof! — the magic is gone and everyone will have moved on to the dreaded talk of New Years’ resolutions.

I will never understand why work is such terror this time of year.  Once, just once, I’d like to take off the entire week before Christmas so that I can really savor it.  Instead, I’m trying to squeeze 12 hours of work into an 8-hour day so that I have time to finish last-minute shopping, straighten up the house, which looks like a tornado came through, and attempt to get a good night of sleep.

If anyone is looking for last-minute gift ideas, I’ll take a calendar with an extra week in December, please.

xoxo ~your busy little b

P.S.  This is supposed to be a post about the insanely delicious — and way too easy — cookies I made this weekend.  Or, the delightful little mushroom tartlets I took to our Sole Sisters party last night.  Or, the new “Training Tips” page that I’ve almost finished.  But, I needed to vent.  Sorry.

P.P.S.  In case you’re wondering about the gift card, I found it at home.  As soon as I stopped looking for it.  🙂


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Wife, daughter, big sis, aunt, friend, attorney, runner, cyclist, amateur chef & aspiring photographer. Thanks for keeping up with my life on the run!
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