45 degrees

Oh what a difference a week makes…

It seems like just yesterday everyone was snowbound and whiny. I was totally over having to put on two, if not three layers, of clothes before every run only still be freezing; wondering whether my office would close due to ice and snow; and dreading the crazy make-up time that was sure to come. I could barely remember the last time I saw sunlight or enjoyed being outside.

Over the past week, though, Mother Nature decided to take pity on us and give us a little taste of Spring. The sun is shining and temps have been a mild 75 degrees.  I missed most of the gradual warm-up because I was in Chicago where it was 30-40 degrees, piles of snow filled the sidewalks, and people were still bundled up in Winter gear.

One of the coolest parts about coming home :: This 45-degree difference in temperature seems to have made a 180-degree difference in people’s attitudes.

When I ran early Saturday morning, I wore shorts and a sports bra. Weather-wise, it was one of those ‘just right’ runs — not too hot and not too cold with the perfect cool breeze.

All weekend, everywhere I turned people were outside and on foot, instead of being pent-up in their cars. Moms and dads were walking with their kids; recreational runners were out in full force; and every restaurant patio was overflowing.

This weather makes my heart happy. People are smiling again. And, everyone seems to be filled with newfound energy.

This got me thinking … So often, I get hung up on the idea that I need some massive, dramatic change in life to make everything work. One bad week at the office, and I’m convinced I need to start floating my resume. One frustrating day of errand-running, and I’m convinced we need to move. You get the picture. Then, I get so overwhelmed that I don’t change a darn thing and end up stuck in a rut.

What if, instead of a major life change, all it takes is a 45-degree shift in focus to make a 180-degree difference in your state of mind?

I think I’ll try it this week and see what happens.



About Beth

Wife, daughter, big sis, aunt, friend, attorney, runner, cyclist, amateur chef & aspiring photographer. Thanks for keeping up with my life on the run!
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2 Responses to 45 degrees

  1. Chriseda says:

    I love this entry, Beth. I was at Isle Du Bois sitting at a table, just me and my dog, soaking up the sun for a minute and a gentleman passed by and said this day would be better if the wind wasn’t blowingso much. I replied with a reminder, “It’s FEBRUARY. This weather is AMAZING!” He agreed after all. Sometimes it is just a metter of perspective – like you say – just 45 degrees.

    • Beth says:

      Now, that sounds like a great way to spend your birthday! By the way… When are you going to let us treat you and Paul to dinner to celebrate?

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