Giving Thanks {RunStreak: Day 1}

Since I ran my first Turkey Trot in 2008, Brad and I have always started Thanksgiving Day with a run. This morning was no exception, but it was really exciting to know that this run was also the start of my streak. Yippy!

Instead of braving the zoo that is the Dallas Turkey Trot, we opted for a more low-key run in the ‘hood this year. As much as I love the excitement of a crowded race, it was really nice to just walk out the door, enjoy my favorite 4-5 mile route (in the daylight even!), and wish our neighbors Happy Thanksgiving as we ran by. Given that we hosted Thanksgiving in our new house this year, it was also nice not to be in a mad rush to get home after the race to get cooking.

My favorite moment of the run :: I have a tendency to creep up the pace when we go uphill (oops!). When a stranger gave Brad a hard time for letting me get away, he quipped back, “Yeah, I keep think she’ll run away eventually, but she always comes back.” Yep, that’s my husband.

I can’t think of a better way to start the day.  🙂

The rest of the day was spent preparing and enjoying a delicious meal with my parents. It was small this year, but no less special than any other. I didn’t snap a single photo, but there are some memories you don’t need a photo to remember — like watching Ratatouille with your mom, in front of the fireplace, while covered in kitties.

And I would remiss if I did not honor this special day by recognizing some of the things I am most thankful for in life . . .

My husband, Brad.  It’s hard to believe this was our 16th Thanksgiving together. We’ve both grown so much in the past 15 years, but I still can’t think of anyone I’d rather wake up with on Turkey Day – or any other day, for that matter. With each passing year, I am grow even more grateful to have him in my life.

My parents.  I am blessed to have been raised in such a loving household. I admired both of my parents and hope that when the time comes to be a parent myself, I get it at least half as ‘right’ as they did.

My fur-babies.  A few days ago, I didn’t think all three of them would be with us today. There’s nothing like a potential loss that makes you appreciate what you’ve got.

My friends.  They keep me honest, they support me no matter what, they put up with my moodiness, and they are loyal to the core.

My health.  I am fortunate to be able to get up and run on a whim. And celebrating this gift is what the RW Run Streak is all about.

Hope you had a wonderful day filled with love and laughter.

xoxo  ~B


About Beth

Wife, daughter, big sis, aunt, friend, attorney, runner, cyclist, amateur chef & aspiring photographer. Thanks for keeping up with my life on the run!
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