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Dreadful Denial

If denial was a river in Egypt, I wouldn’t just be swimming in it. I’d be gasping for air so as to avoid drowning. On Friday, my baby will be 12 weeks old. How did that happen? His newborn clothes … Continue reading

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Return to Real Life {RunStreak: Day 5}

Today, I ran one mile. Not a smidge more. I also . . . went to work for the first time in 10 days, shoved my feet into a pair of pointy-toed heels for the first time in 23 days, … Continue reading

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Bits of Bliss

1. Today is Friday. I figured I would just start with the obvious. 🙂 2. Starting my day with a trail run. It’s hard to be in a bad mood when you share the first hour of your day with … Continue reading

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Bits of Bliss

Friday is finally here! As this terribly long week finally comes to an end, I thought I would bring back an old tradition and share with you a list of little things that helped get me through the week… 1.  … Continue reading

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Working for the Weekend

As a recovering workaholic, I am continuing to learn things about life and about myself. This week’s revelation :: Mondays are a whole heck of a lot harder when you actually get to enjoy life on the weekends.  (Now that … Continue reading

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First Evers

This past weekend was brimming with great firsts worth memorializing… 1.  We had a housewarming party. 2.  We had a party. In our house. 3.  Friends and family from nearly every cross-section of our lives met one another. It was … Continue reading

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Once Upon a Time, I Was Runner

There once was a girl named Beth, Who ran every chance she could get. Went thru ten pair of shoes,  Just to stay in her grooves, And would never be content to just rest.

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